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Marta Bylicka

Marta has been practicing and teaching yoga for nine years. She started teaching while pursuing her undergraduate studies, but it was only after she completed her master’s degree that she realised sharing her passion for yoga through teaching was the right path for her. For Marta the practice of yoga is a moving meditation. Over the course of many years, her practice has grown to encompass much more than just time on the mat: it has seeped into every facet of her inner and outer life and has been a catalyst for transformation, leading to a more balanced and peaceful life.

Over the past six years Marta has been teaching yoga in the UK, Spain and Germany where she now resides. She is currently teaching Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga classes in Berlin and continuing to deepen her personal practice.

As an avid traveler, Marta has had the opportunity to study with yoga teachers from around the world. In addition to studying Ashtanga in Mysore, India under Sharath Jois, she has been fortunate to practice with Kino MacGregor, Lino Miele, Asta Caplan among others, and to complete a yoga intensive with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor in Boulder, Colorado.

Her study of anatomy, philosophy, chanting and meditation have complimented her understanding of yoga. Marta also highly values the insights and experiential knowledge gained through a dedicated daily practice of Ashtanga and the importance of developing a gentle approach toward oneself and others. As a teacher and practitioner, Marta recognises the value of the teacher-student relationship and the yoga community for support in firmly establishing one’s practice. She aspires to help others grow on the path of yoga and beyond.