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Handstands don't lie.

Handstands don't lie.

There are many reasons why people want to stand on their hands. It's fun, it looks cool, even a bit magical. It has many benefits like strengthening wrists, arms, shoulders, and learning to engage the core intelligently. In addition to all of this, a handstand practice can teach us perseverance, patience, humility and honesty. Handstands don't lie. This workshop will offer some resources for a sustainable handstand practice. We will play with ideas and drills, both on and off the mat, both alone and with a partner: for building strength, for exploring and becoming familiar with the upside down world.

Downward Facing Tree, Straightforward Magic.


Level: all Levels welcome

This workshop is not suitable for people with injury or unresolved pain in the wrists or shoulders. 

25 EUR with 1 USC Checkin

Späteres Event: 25. Juli
Masterclass with Jeremy Lim — Power