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Marianne Schmidt aka

Born in India and raised across the globe, I came to practice yoga from a background in dance. Although at first, I used yoga solely for physical strength and flexibility, gradually I came to love the calming of the mind that yoga can bring. My first yoga certification was in Pre- & Postnatal yoga during my pregnancy, later with Trimurti in Multi Style Yoga. I continue to study with Spirit Yoga and teach in studios and businesses in Berlin. Prior to moving to Berlin, I have taught yoga and practiced in Sweden, Argentina, California.

In 2011, I became a certified massage therapist in Germany and give bodywork and Thai massage sessions in the Body Mind Centre. in YOGA at Lobe Block I teach Vinyasa Hatha Yoga. In just a few words, Vinyasa yoga is meditation in movement. Every placement of the body is consciously done with awareness of breath. Through continuous concentration the mind is calmed and focused. Each month there is a different focus. This helps to build up strength or flexibility and work into more complex sequences or asanas. My classes are fluid & dynamic or soft & strong as silk yet always connecting to the deep. Be prepared to breathe, sweat and relax. Coming from a background in massage therapy and dance, healthy physical alignment and breath work are an integral part of my yoga classes. If you are utterly new to yoga, the combination of movement with breathe may make this class difficult to follow. It isn’t humanely possible to know everything, so give it a go, have a laugh at yourself and I guarantee you won’t want to give it up.