Nicole Tröger

As a yoga teacher, body therapist and trauma expert, Nicola has taught people for more than 15 years. She has helped hundreds of international students to transform their lives, turn wounds into strength and freedom, and move forward with a new sense of confidence and adventure. Nicola has an outstanding gift to perceive both a person’s potential and limitation. With precise touch and instructions and well crafted yoga sequences she builds a bridge for students to step towards more fulfillment. Clients discover a high level of energy and motivation and start to thrive.

Nicola teaches regular yoga classes and workshops in Berlin and at retreats and works with clients on a one- on- one basis. She is co-founder of the platform “” and curates unique international yoga events with teachers from around the world, such as “Earthwalking Festival”. All include a variety of approaches to breaking free from inner limitations. She teaches Forrest Yoga, a unique and contemporary yoga style developed by Ana Forrest over the last 45 years.

Her classes are powerful, demanding and fun, sweaty and always a bit different! Nicola teaches all level classes, and offers up- and downlevel so each participant can practice on their level and with their physical limitations.

Classes in English and German